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eTandem Partners free of charge for all languages

Our contribution to the
European Year of Languages 2001

Malgorzata Szymczyk, Katrin Wolf, Dawn D'Atri, Sandra Szymanski, Saniye Yilmaz, Evelyn Ehlert

We have matched 48508 language learning partners! 29.1.2002, 12:32 o'clock

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Language learning with an eTandem Partner

Have you been learning a foreign language for at least several months? Then you can work with an eTandem Partner according to the Tandem Principles by e-mail, telephone or other electronic media. eTandem learners help each other learn their respective native language and much more. Have a look at our Tips for working in eTandem.

Finding eTandem Partners

We can help you find an eTandem partner - this service is free of charge for all language learners! For several reasons, however, we are from now on obliged to distinguish between learners attending educational institutions like schools or universities and adult learners who are learning languages after having completed their schooling.

eTandem Partners for the following learners groups:

About us

The Tandem Agency, based at the Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany, is a free service of the International Tandem Network, which was founded with the support of the European Union. Parvis has been contracted to operate the Tandem Agency. Parvis's Team has been working with the Tandem Agency since 1994 to bring thousands of language learners together each year.

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