The following list refers to web sites devoted to single authors. Although offering resources belonging also to the category of digital libraries or of collections of electronic texts, this kind of sites can figure separately, in consideration of their monographic character and of their presenting not only primary texts, but also a variety of resources on each single author, such as bibliographies, essays, biographical materials, timelines, mailing lists.

The Pierre Bayle Home Page - This well designed and useful site, maintained by Gianluca Mori, includes texts, bibliography, information about meetings and conferences and links to other related sites.
Société Diderot- Site devoted to the French Enlightenment philosopher, with access to the digital edition of some of his works
Edward Gibbon, Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire - Interesting choice of excerpts from Gibbon's masterpiece by Marc Zimmermann.
William Godwin Archive - Part of the Anarchist Archives, maintained by Dana Ward ; biography, links to collected works, bibliography, commentaries and graphics of Godwin.
Resources on Antonio Gramsci - Links to sites of interest for the research on Gramsci and to a comprehensive Gramsci bibliography.
Hegel - Biographical and bibliographical notices on Hegel and links to many Hegel resources on the web. The site is maintained by Kevin Brancato, and it's part of the Philosophers Guide.
Hegel - A collection of links to Hegel resources (biographies and graphics included). The site is maintained by Brian Manning Delaney.
The Hume Archives - A very important site, maintained by Jim Fieser which includes texts, commentaries, 18th century reviews of Hume's works and early biographies.
Kant on the Web - This really usefuful site, maintained by StevePq@hkbu.edu.hk, includes Kant's texts, lexical aids, essays on Kant and links to other Kantian resources.
John Locke - Biographical informations about Locke and selected texts ( Second "Treatise on Civil Government", "A Letter concerning Toleration", "An Essay Concerning Human Understanding", "Concerning Civil Government, Second Essay").
Martin Luther: Selected Works by Martin Luther - Part of the Wittenberg Project
Marx and Engels Internet Archive (Colorado) - An excellent site with an important collection of e-texts and reference materials relating Karl Marx and Frederick Engels, maintained by Ken Campbell
John Stuart Mill - General information on Mill, links to his autobiography, bibliography on related works, and texts (On Liberty, The Subjection of Women, Utilitarianism, etc.).
Napoléon: Fondation Napoléon
The Nietzsche Page - Online reference for contemporary scholarship about Nietzsche, bibliography of Nietzsche's writings, selected writings on Nietzsche and book reviews. Contact Douglas Thomas.
Thomas Paine National Historical Association
Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Rousseau Association - This site offers information about Rousseau's biography and works with an useful list of his texts on the web.
Shakespeare, William, The Complete Works - MIT, Cambridge, Massachussetts; the complete works of W. Shakespeare with possibility of browsing, searching and downloading.
Spinoza Homepage - by Joseph B. Yesselman's. Provocative & highly rewarding.
Studia Spinoziana - This very important site, maintained by Ron Bombardi , provides a logical index to Spinoza's Ethica, a Spinoza's chronology, and other useful materials for 17th and 18th century studies.
Tocqueville -The Alexis de Tocqueville Tour Exploring Democracy in America. A C-Span (an online resource for US public affairs) page devoted to Tocqueville's Democracy in America and Journey in America, with full-text electronic versions of these two works.
Giambattista Vico Home Page - This site, maintained by Giorgio A. Pinton, offers a biography and chronology of the life of Vico, and bibliographies relating to his major works.
Voltaire Foundation - All about Voltaire and his world. The site gives information about Voltaire Foundation publications, among which the forthcoming Voltaire électronique, an edition on CD-rom with unpublished materials and totallly indexed, is noteworthy. A search engine permits to query any text in the site, which also contains a small selection of eighteenth century e-texts.
Voltaire, Oeuvres diverses (Hong Kong)
Voltaire's Page
Voltaire Websites (Voltaire Society of America, University of Chicago)


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