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This section presents a small selection of relevant sites for the history of political thought.

Age of Enlightenment and Democratic Revolution
Anarchy Archives
Matériaux pour un inventaire des manuscrits philosophiques clandestins des XVIIème et XVIIIème siècles - bibliography of clandestine philosophical manuscripts by M. Benitez
Marx and Engels Internet Archive (Colorado) - An excellent site with an important collection of e-texts and reference materials relating Karl Marx and Frederick Engels, maintained by Ken Campbell
Modern Political Theorists - Second Part: Burke, Kant, Hegel, J. S. Mill, Marx; this is a section of Political Theory
Philosophy in Cyberspace - A fundamental site for recovering the whole variety of resources for cultural history and the history of ideas.
The Political Philosophy Reading Rooms - Classics from Portland State University: not original electronic publications, but just an arranged collection of links to existing e-texts on the Web
Political Theory - English site managed at Oxford by John Roome; it is decidated to the history of political thought and it consists of avirtual library with profiles of single authord and links to classical texts arranged as Classical Political Theorists - Platon, Aristotle, St. Agostino, St. Thomas d'Aquino - , Modern Political Theorists - Burke, Kant, Hegel, Mill, Marx - and Contemporary Political Theorists.

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