Electronic journals have been one of the most interesting innovations in academic historical scholarship. It is possible to distinguish five main sub-categories of this kind of resources:

new journals existing only in electronic format and accessible on the Web;
traditional paper periodicals that give access online to part of their resources (mainly indexes of current and past issues and general information, sometimes full-text past issues)
searchable and browsable databases of electronic full-text editions of whole past series of traditional periodicals fulfilled both in text and image mode
searchable databases of research literature published in selected periodical publications and of which it is possible to visualize bibliographic data and to order photocopies obtainable by fax.
directories of electronic journals


Canadian Journal of History
Chronicon - An Online Journal of History
Cromohs - Cyber Review of Modern Historiography - The first Italian electronic journal of history; it offers essays and reviews, a current bibliography of history of historiography, an updated list of congress, colloquia and seminars on the history of historical culture, an electronic library of texts of modern historiography and philosophy of history.
Electronic Journal of Australia and New Zealand History - Speaking about Australian and New Zealand History , the journal aims to reviews and improve the use of technology in Historiography.
The Early America Review A journal of fact and opinions on the people, issues and events of 18th century America; link locale al publisher's statement
Early Modern Literary Studies
Essays in History – University of Virginia
H-Net Book Reviews by book author - (Michigan State University) A rich collection of on-line published reviews listed by authors. H-Net's Electronic Discussion Lists provides electronic networks , linking professors and students in exchange of ideas and materials.
History Reviews On-Line
Journal of the Association for History and Computing - One of the most recent intiatives, particularly interesting as it promises to pose as a tribune for debating all questions relative to telematics and electronic applications to historical studies and as a dedicated supervisor to surveying Web resources for historians. (From the Announcement:) «The American Association for History and Computing proudly announces the inaugural electronic on-line issue of The Journal of the Association for History and Computing, Vol. 1, No.1, June 1998. The AAHC, as constituted, promotes the use of computers used in historical studies, in both teaching and research. To facilitate this goal the AAHC wishes to announce the creation of its on-line journal, The Journal of the Association for History and Computing (An E-journal) edited by Dr. Jeffery G. Barlow, Professor of History, Pacific University.
We believe that computers and computing are rapidly changing important elements of the work of historians and students of history, constituting a major transformation in the way knowledge is created and communicated. A major goal of this journal is to help define useful standards to maximize the utility of computers in historical studies. The Journal will also review relevant research in the field, appropriate software, and related Internet sources. As a peer reviewed journal, the editorial board solicits scholarly contributions from those interested in the application of computer technologies used in researching and teaching of history».
Journal for Multimedia History - Department of History at the State University of New York at Albany. «The Journal for MultiMedia History is not a paper journal migrating onto the WWW; that was not and is not our intention. Neither is our goal to compete with the many superb virtual history museums and multimedia Web sites that are already scattered about on the Internet. Before the arrival of this journal, the idea of presenting and disseminating historical multimedia projects as discrete electronic journal articles had yet to be fully explored. Nor had there been one centralized forum where scholars, students, and the public could read, view, and hear distinguished multimedia research in all fields of history, or enjoy reviews that offered audio and video samples from the works reviewed. To do these, and more, is our challenge [...] Extensively hyper-linked articles offer guidance and direction to navigate through hundreds of thousands of electronic sources. Flowing across millions of miles of wire or over satellite links, electronic representations of the visual richness of diverse human cultures help smash the physically restraining barriers of stone museums and archival vaults, and enrich the intellectual and aesthetic lives of scholars and grade school pupils alike. All of these possibilities define part of the mission of The Journal for MultiMedia History. But we have one other goal in mind: to foster an "intermedia" sensibility. As one member of our editorial board, Joshua Brown, emphasized: the JMMH invites us to go beyond supplementing traditional text documents with graphics, audio, and video, or adapting traditional scholarship to the WWW. It also provides us with an opportunity to experiment with innovative interactive media forms and explore new ways of creatively utilizing the WWW to conduct research and to teach. Thus, we hope the JMMH will also be a laboratory. The JMMH is the first peer-reviewed electronic journal that presents, evaluates, and disseminates multimedia historical scholarship. We hope to make it the preeminent publication of its kind. Administrators, tenure-review committees, and other deliberative groups looking to evaluate electronic academic historical publication for hiring, promotion, and tenure decisions will no doubt find our reviews helpful. We look forward to helping establish the standards of academic electronic multimedia publishing, matching those that are found in leading print journals such as The American Historical Review or The Journal of Modern History. A distinguished editorial board—Steven Brier and Joshua Brown of the American Social History Project at the City University of New York, Carolyn Lougee of Stanford University, Mark Kornbluh of Michigan State University, Roy Rosenzweig of George Mason University, and our own Richard Hamm—provides guidance and oversight»
Histos. The New Electronic Journal of Ancient Historiography - Durham University. Established in 1997. From the Introduction: «'Ancient historiography' includes: the historiographical texts of Greece and Rome; Byzantine historiography; the historiography of other ancient cultures; ancient biography; the influence of historiography and biography on other literary genres; precursors of historiography and biography; modern theory relevant to the study of historiography; and indeed ancient use of non-literary media for the representation of the past. The focus will be more on the historical texts and media than on the historical problems for which those texts and media are sources, though the emphasis may naturally vary»
Renaissance Forum. Electronic Journal of Early-Modern Literary and Historical Studies
Reviews in History (Institute of Historical Research, London) - An important periodical collection of electronic reviews of books of history
Selected Readings a monthly bibliography of eighteenth-century studies edited by Kevin Berland, Dept. of English and Comparative Literature, Penn State-Shenango, PA
Spolia - A bibiliographic bullettin and newsletter of middle-age studies
Studies in the World History of Slavery, Abolition and Emancipation - An electronic journal sponsored by H-Net.


American Historical Review
Bollettino del '900 - Electronic Newsletter of XXth-century Italian literature based in Bologna. A collection of contributions on contemporary Italian literary studies, with a special attention to IT potentialities and applications. Essays, discussions, presentations, resources, bibliographies and bibliography researches, colloquia and seminars.
Eighteenth Century Studies - the official journal of the ASECS, partially available online to subscribers.
Exemplaria: A Journal of Theory in Medieval and Renaissance Studies
History and Theory
Journal of the History of Economic Thought
Perspectives Online - Newsletter of the American Historical Association, with a choice of articles online.
Storia della Storiografia - A journal founded in 1982 and devoted to the history of historiography
Studi Storici
Studies on Voltaire and the Eighteenth Century


JSTOR- Journal Storage. Redefining Access to scholarly Literature -This is a very important - actually on of the most ambitious and outstanding project (Andrew Mellon Foundation, University of Michigan and Princeton University) - aiming at building a comprehensive electronic archive of scholarly journals in different disciplines, including historical disciplines. It gives access by institutional subscription (annual or permanent) to an impressive database containing all the past issues of a large number of periodicals through 1993 or 1995, with possibility to perform refined textual searches or index browsing and visualize pages in image format. Absolutely one of the most innovative undertakings on the Internet.
INTERNET LIBRARY OF EARLY JOURNALS - A digital collection of 18th and 19th centuries journals - ILEJ, the Internet Library of Early Journals, is a joint project by the Universities of Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester and Oxford, conducted under the auspices of the eLib (Electronic Libraries) Programme.  It has digitised substantial runs of 18th and 19th Century journals, and these images are now available on the Internet together with their associated bibliographic data. The following titles are now available through the ILEJ service: Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine: Vol. 53 - Vol. 72 (1843 - 1852); Gentleman's Magazine: Vol. 1 -  Vol 20 (1731 - 1750); Notes and Queries: 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th series (1849 - 1869); Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society: Vol. 50 - Vol. 67 (1757- 1777); The Builder and the Annual Register are due to be added shortly.


Carl UnCover - A database that allow research in 17,000 academic periodicals of every discipline indexed from approximately 1989 onward, with possibility to view lists of bibliographic results and order copies via fax


Catalogo italiano dei periodici - A very good tool for recovering bibliographic information on Italian periodicals and locating them in Italian libraries
Cic Electronic Journals Directory
Electronic Journals List
ELH Directory (Johns Hopkins)
History Journals Guide (by Stefan Blaschke)
Scholarly Journals Distributed Via the World-Wide Web
Serials in Cyberspace

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