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In this section we have grouped several Internet resources relating to French history.

The History of France Web Resources - By Ran Raider Wright State University. An heterogeneous collection of links to electronic materials regarding the history of modern and contemporary France. This list can serve as a good preliminary selection.
Eighteenth-Century France Homepage
Eurodocs: France-Primary Documents
The French Revolution Home Page
French Studies Web - The site provides links to more resources of interest for French studies.
H-France World Wide Web Site - This site contains a wide variety of resources including calls for papers, maps, links, bibliographies. The site is sponsored by H-France and the Society for French Historical Studies
Napoleon - Created by "La Foundation Napoléon", this site is dedicated to the study and diffusion of knowledge on the civil and military achievements of the First and Second Empires. It features a "Documentation Center". The articles are often accompanied with bibliographical references, a rarity on the Web
ARTFL: American and French Research on the Treasury of the French Language - This site is an online database of more than two thousand texts. ARTFL covers a wide range of subjects including, biology, economics, literary criticism, history and philosophy. It is accessible only to institutions through a subscription.
French Revolutionary Pamphlet - A small and experimental electronic library of pamphlets of the revolutionary period.

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