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In this section sites are listed relative to Eighteenth-century studies. First are presented those resources having a general, reference value.

Eighteenth-Century Resources: History (University of Pennsylvania) - This site presents a wide variety of links to pages of interest to eighteenth century history, mainly English and American. Many interesting resources are linked here, regarding subjects as the South Sea Bubble, penal justice in England, Robert Walpole, royal geneaolgies, the 1798 Irish rebellion.
The Eighteenth-Century Website (Virginia)
Age of Enlightenment and Democratic Revolution - A very good collection of materials and links to resources on the history of Enlightenment culture
C18-L (by Kevin Berland) (from the Presentation of the site:) «Founded in early 1990, C18-L is an international, interdisciplinary forum for discussing all aspects of 18th-century studies. The primary language is English, but we welcome correspondents in other languages as well. Subscribers can expect to receive frequent bulletins of professional interest (notices of conferences, grants, fellowships, calls for papers, etc.). There are usually two or three active discussions going on, and subscribers who send queries (identification of quotations, recommendations for reading, research support, &c.) report they have received answers within 24 hours, and sometimes even within minutes»
C18-Le Dix-huitième siècle électronique (International Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies
Société internationale d'étude du XVIIIe siècle) - C18 is a project to encourage a new form of collaborative electronic publishing, taking as its subject eighteenth-century studies in the widest sense.
A Dictionary of Sensibility (Virginia University)
Eighteenth-Century E-Texts (University of Pennsylvania)
Eighteenth-Century France Homepage
Selected Readings a monthly bibliography of eighteenth-century studies edited by Kevin Berland, Dept. of English and Comparative Literature, Penn State-Shenango, PA
SER-Stanford Seminar on Enlightenment and Revolution (from the site presentation:) «The purpose of SER is to bring together faculty and students interested in the eighteenth century and in the afterlife of ideas and movements historically associated with it. SER aims, quite broadly, to initiate and sponsor activities that will assemble faculty and students with shared interests and will help to foster the scholarship of the substantial community at Stanford now devoting attention to the eighteenth century, its precursors, and its consequences. The steering committee of SER is comprised of John Bender (coordinator), Keith Baker, Terry Castle, and Michael Marrinan»
Testi Elettronici Clandestini del Settecento - An important electronic library of clandestine eighteenth-century philosophical texts edited by Gianluca Mori, University of Vercelli (Italy).
Voltaire Foundation - The site of the most important scientific and publishing institution devoted to eighteenth-century culture.
Voltaire, Oeuvres diverses (Hong Kong)
Voltaire's Page
Voltaire Websites (Voltaire Society of America, University of Chicago)

See also:

American Society for Eigheenth Century Studies
Eighteenth Century Studies - the official journal of the ASECS, partially available online to subscribers.


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