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Sites regarding the history of economic thought are listed here, again collecting together different typologies of resources: electronic libraries, sites of associations of economic historians and more.

Akamac - a collection of links to electronic texts of history of economic and social thought by Akama Michio, Ehime University
CHPE-Centre d'Histoire de la Pensée économique (Université de Paris-I) - information on current research, seminars and activities by the CHPE and a large virtual library of texts of economic and social thought, XVIth-XXth centuries.
Economic History Services - a list of services for economic historians maintained by EH.Net.
History of Economic Thought Home Page
History of Economic Thought Texts - University of Bristol.
Documents for the History of the Economics - A collection of documents created by Rod Hay at McMaster University in Canada.
Advanced History of Economic Thought
Journal of the History of Economic Thought

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