In the following list some links are recorded to some of the most significant online guides to Internet resources for historians. The great interest of this kind of tools is to allow more circumscribed forms of research on the basis of catalogues containing selections typologically, chronologically and topically oriented. In consideration of its very high quality, comprehensiveness and interest for historians too an important repertory of sites for philosophers is here also included.

EINET: History Resources on the Internet
European University Institute: a very good index to European and World history sites
Galaxy: History (Social Sciences)
Gateway to World History - Central Connecticut State University: a very rich repertory of historical sites arranged by countries)
H-NET, Humanities & Social Sciences On-line - One of the most important forms of cooperation between historians active on the Web; it coordinates a large number of mailing lists, edits bibliographies and sponsors seminars and other cooprative initiatives in the every field of the historical scholarship.
Historians and the Web: a Beginner's Guide - George Mason University
History Computerization Project: Directory of Historical Resources - An extremely powerful tool (many directories of directories) realized by the History Computerization Project (Malibu, CA)
History Buff's Reference Library
History Database
The History Highway: A Guide to Internet Resources by Dennis Trinkle, Dorothy Aucher, Scott Merriman and Todd Larson; of particular interest the page devoted to new sites, that works as a online updating of the printed guide. New sites are listed at http://www.uc.edu/www/history/new.html
History Resources (Oxford University Computing Services)
The History Ring - (from the presentation of the site:) «This ring is dedicated to internet sites which feature historical information. The purpose of this ring is to expose the viewers to a wide variety of sites. If you are unfamiliar with Internet or Web Rings, they link together different Internet sites. The History Ring is primarily designed for non-commerical sites».
History Scholars' Guide to the World Wide Web -  University of Chicago
History at West Virginia
Horus' Web Links to History Resources - By the University of California, Riverside Department of History; H-GIG (Horus Gets in Gear) is the core of an important experiment in using the internet for instruction and research. It offers a well structured list of sites, visible alphabetically, by areas of interest and through a searchable database. See particularly the Intellectual History links. Contact horus@h-gig.ucr.edu.
HUB Humanities Resources - History
Humanities: History (Stanford University)
The HUMBUL Gateway (Humanities Computing Unit, Oxford University)
Index of Online Resources for Historians - University of Kansas
Institut of Historical Research (London)
Internet modern history sourcebook
The Internet Public Library
The Internet Public Library. Online Texts Collection. The IPL Online Texts Collection contains over 7700 titles that can be browsed by author, by title, or by Dewey Subject Classification. They can also be searched using the form below.
Internet Services for Philosophers - by Arno Wouters (Utrecht University)
The University of Pennsylvania's School of Arts and Sciences. Some scholarly links of interest (James O' Donnell).
The University of Pennsylvania's School of Arts and Sciences - important selection of scholarly links relative to Classical, Medieval and General resources for historians.
Philosophy in Cyberspace - A fundamental site for recovering the whole variety of resources for cultural history and the history of ideas. (From the Presentation:) «Philosophy in Cyberspace is an annotated index intended as a guide to a wide range of philosophy-related materials available online. Its intended audience is academic philosophers and students of philosophy and cognate disciplines, though it is likely to have wider appeal. Section 1 covers topics or fields of study within philosophy (aesthetics, logic, etc.). Section 2 indexes journals, online papers, encyclopedia and glossaries and other text-related resources. You'll find links to philosophy departments, projects and centres, and professional organisations and societies in Section 3, while in Section 4, mailing lists and newsgroups are listed. Finally, Section 5 provides a guide to a range of miscellaneous materials including conference information, jobs for philosophers, syllabi, teaching and study resources and more».
Philosophy Resources - University of Bristol.
Voice of the Shuttle. Web Pages for Humanities Research - Interdisciplinary and wide-ranging set of links and documents. Contact Alan Liu (Dept. of English, Univ. of California, Santa Barbara, CA 93106).
Western European Specialists Section
The World History Links Page
World History Archives
WWW Services for Historians - The guide to on-line historical research by the the History and Computing Association for History and Computing. For informations contact George M.Wellling.
WWW Resources: A Survey of Select Textual Resources
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: History (Index by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities-Göteborg University)
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Humanities (Index by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities-Göteborg University)
WWW Virtual Library: Humanities
The WWW Virtual Library-History (University of Kansas at Lawrence) This is a very comprehensive index of resources concerning all subjects and aspects of world history. It is indexed with a table of categories including both country names and fields of historical knowledge, with also sister disciplines. It is accessible in a single file of more than 240 Kb, very long to download. This Index is maintained jointly by the Department of History of the University of Kansas and the Lehrstuhl für Ältere deutsche Literaturwissenschaft der Universität Regensburg, and is managed by Eric Marzo of Regensburg and Lynn Nelson of Kansas.
Yahoo - Social Science: History - An easy and powerful directory to everything relating history on the web.


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