This page lists some examples of particularly significant textual electronic collections for the historians:

digital libraries, or collections of electronic (literary, philosophical, historical, political, economical) texts;
collections of electronic documents, or primary historical sources;
collections of quantitative data, a category partially overlapping with that of the databases.


  Digital Libraries

Alex: A Catalogue of Electronic Texts on the Internet - Searchable catalogue of classics, documents and essays, containing roughly 2000 entries mostly on gopher service such as ALEX, mirror site at Oxford gopher menu, faster than the previous one.
Alexandria Digital Library at the University of California, Santa Barbara
ARTFL Project - (University of Chicago and CNRS) American and French Research on the Treasury of the French Language. Interdisciplinary textual database of 2000 texts from 13th to 20th centuries. Users have to be members of ARTLF associated universities. Worth noting inside is the ARTLF Enciclopédie Project.
Athena-Several lists of multidisciplinary French-language texts and documents listed by authors.
The British National Corpus - The BNC it's a one hundred million texts corpus of British English. The BNC online service allows to search this corpus in a variety of ways and download citations. Users need subscription.
CETE - (Centre d'édition de textes électroniques de l'Université de Nantes) The CETE publishes French rare texts, inedits or disappeared, readable by JAVA. See, in particular the Middle-Ages, the 16th century (text de l'Edit de Nantes) and the Africa of 19th century sections.
ClicNet  - Cultural and literary French-speaking website providing a wide range of e-texts: biographies and autobiographies, bibliography, correspondences, political papers, philosophical essays, contemporary poetry, romances and theather.
Early Modern Literary Texts - Electronic editions of Fifteenth, Sixteenth and Seventeenth-century texts. Related Medieval and Classical electronic texts. Multimedia databases. Maintaned by David L.Gants.
Eliohs. Electronic Library of Historiography - An electronic and virtual library of texts of modern (mainly XVIIth-XVIIIth centuries) historiography, philosophy of history and methodology, being part of the electronic journal Cromohs.
Gallica - (Bibliothèque Nationale de France) Digitization project relative to French-language XIXth century works of literary, historical, philosophical, juridical, economical and political subject. Text images and excerpts readable by ACROBAT.
The Internet Public Library
The Internet Public Library. Online Texts Collection. The IPL Online Texts Collection contains over 7700 titles that can be browsed by author, by title, or by Dewey Subject Classification. They can also be searched using the form below.

Internet Modern History Sourcebook

The Modern English Collection at UVA - Virtual library of the University of Virginia with texts in English, French, German, Latin, Japanese, Chinese, Cyrillic. Browse and search for guidelines of text-encoding.
OTA-The Oxford Text Archive -The Oxford texts collection contains electronic versions of literary works by many major authors in Greek, Latin, English and a dozen or more other languages in different formats; linguistic corpora, in a variety of languages; standard reference works such as the Bible and mono-/bilingual dictionaries. In addition to this archival function, the Oxford Text Archive advises the creators and users of digital text resources on the importance of adhering to particular standards during resource creation and documentation.
Primary Source Media - World Government Documents Archive; Rare Books; Major Authors; Women's Studies; American Journey; City Directories
Project Gutenberg - Database of texts and documents listed by authors covering Philosophy, Literature, History, Science, Arts. Links to other books and literature sites.
Progetto Manuzio - An excellent multidisciplinary  searchable collection of mainly  Italian, but also foreign texts, books, articles, documents, thesis and reviews available all over the world. Every text is accompanied by information about the author and his production and a small introduction.
VIVA - The Virtual Library of Virginia. VIVA is a consortium of academic libraries offering access to electronic collections, access to libraries and Internet search tools. VIVA's Mission: VIVA's mission is to provide, in an equitable, cooperative and cost effective manner, enhanced access to library and information resources for the Commonwealth of Virginia's academic libraries serving the higher education community. VIVA's Members: VIVA consists of the libraries of the 39 state-assisted colleges and universities (at 52 campuses) within the Commonwealth of Virginia, including: the 6 doctoral institutions, the 9 4-year comprehensive colleges and universities and the 24 community and 2-year branch colleges (at 37 campuses). In addition, 28 of Virginia's independent (private) colleges and universities participate where possible. VIVA schools (both public and independent) represent Full-Time Equivalent Enrollment of 265,700 FTE. The Map of Participating VIVA Institutions provides a map of all VIVA institutions in the Commonwealth of Virginia. We have also included links to each institution for directions, campus map information, and the library's web site. The schools are listed both alphabetically and by type of school.


Electronic documents

EuroDocs: Western European Primary Historical Documents: - Well organized collection of images and european documents transcribed, reproduced or translated, listed by state and age.
France-Primary Documents - Primary and secondary sources relating to French History from 10th to 20th century.
Italy-Primary Documents  - Primary and secondary sources related to Italian History, from Frederic the II to Mussolini. Relevant collection of  Renaissance texts  and documents from the Catholic Reformation.
United Kingdom – Primary Documents - Primary and secondary sources to British History  from the megalithic to 20th century: Interesting collection of medieval and modern sources (transcriptions and translations)  like the english translation of the Magna Charta and the transcription of the Bill of Rights.  See also the Sources of British History: Britannia Internet Magazine collection of significant charters, histories, chronicles, accounts, laws and summonses (1066-1931) and the  World War I Document Archive (pre-1914 - post-1918).
Hanover College History Dept.: Texts and Documents - The Project's primary aim is to make primary texts readily available to students and faculty for use in history and humanities courses. Bibliographical information and acknowledgements for scanning, editing, and proofreading are found at the beginning of each text.
Hanover College History Dept.: Texts and Documents, USA - Well organized American historical database collecting a wide range of texts from 16th & 17th  to 20th century: from the colonization to the Cold War and what happened aftewards. Interdisciplinary archives  covering literature, philosophy, theology and politics.
Hanover College History Dept.: Texts and Documents, Europe - Primary and secondary sources for the study of European history, listed by ages: from the Greek culture to  the second World War. Interdisciplinary archives  covering literature, philosophy, theology and politics.
Redoc-Reseau Document - Université Mendès France, Grenoble

Historical statistics

E-H News (Historical Statistics) - Server by Eh Net to provide a central source of information for  historians of economics. Besides various files of data, list of archives online, syllabi.
Great Britain Historical Database
The History Data Service (University of Essex)


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