Here are listed some of the most important centres expressely devoted to the field of telematics application for historical research. This kind of resources can show which instruments have been devised in order to coordinate research and experimentation at a national or inter-university level.



Advanced Computing in the Humanities - (Bergen University, Department of History) Center specialized in corpora building, museum database, language technologies and developing learning systems. In course of development the electronic edition of the Wittgenstein Archives (WAB).
Association for History and Computing - The Association for History and Computing (AHC) was founded for encouraging and attracting interest on the use of cumputers in all types of historical studies at all levels, in both teaching and research. It publishes an electronic journal, the Journal of the Association for History and Computing, and maintains a mailing list, that is member of H-NET Humanities Online (H-AHC@h-net.msu.edu) and has its own Web page at http://h-net.msu.edu
CETH - Center for Electronic Texts in the Humanities - (Rutgers University) This site offers advises for the creation and  the use of electronic text application in the humanities. Local link to Humanities and Social Sciences Data Center and local directory of e-texts websites, to problems related to e-editions , and to FAQs .
Center for History and New Media (George Mason University): HOME PAGE - In collaboration with the American Social History Project produces historical works in new-media for students and out-of-school-audiences. The site provides a list of essays on history and new-ù media, courses and links to other  related websites.
CTI - Computers in Teaching Initiative - Textual Studies Online - It answers general and specific enquires regarding the use of information technology within teaching and research of many disciplines.
DRH97 Digital resources for the humanities -A yearly opportunity to convene for people concerned in the scholarly production and use of electronic editions, aiming to discuss problems regarding access to and conservation of the digital information. 
Redoc-Reseau Document - Université Mendès France, Grenoble


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