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In this section are offered links to Internet resources relating to the history of Great Britain.



American and British Resources on the Internet (Rutgers University) - An outstanding site that gathers a wide variety of resources on British history
Britannia: British History Resources
English Civil War (English Civil War Society)
Great Britain Historical Database
Great Britain Historical GIS Programe
The History Data Service
The Modern English Collection at UVA - Virtual library of the University of Virginia containing a large collection of English literary texts.
Penny Magazine Online
Project Aldus - An archive of primary and secondary materials on the English Renaissance and the early modern age.
The Royal Commission of Historical Manuscripts
Shakespeare, William, The Complete Works - MIT, Cambridge, Massachussetts; the complete works of W. Shakespeare with possibility of browsing, searching and downloading.
Spartacus Spartacus is a small educational publishing company formed by a group of teachers in 1986. As we have low overheads we are able to publish inexpensive materials. In the tradition of Tom Paine, Spartacus is committed to providing free resources for the Internet community. It includes an Encyclopedia of British history and a variety of pages on single XIXth- and XXth-centuries historical problems, with particular reference to the history of society, political institutions, parliamentary reform movement, industrial economy. Mainly of a didactic-divulgative character, it is defective in terms of primary sources.
Victorian Web - Created by George Landow at the Brown Universit, Providence, as a repository of materials regarding the courses of English literature, this site has evolved autonomously, growing as an outstanding archive of multimedia resources on XIXth century English cultural and social history
Voice of the Shuttle: Eighteenth-century English Literature


Ireland History Archives - This site is part of European History Archives, in its turn a member of Gateway to World History Project)
Irish History on the Web
The National Archives of Ireland


The Hamish Project: Hypertext and Multimedia in Scottish History
Scottish Economic History Database, 1550-1780 - This site includes data on crops, demography, prices, wages and historical meteorology

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