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In this section we have grouped Internet resources of different kind for historical studies and research in the field of American history.


American and British Resouces on the Internet (Rutgers University) - An outstanding site that gathers a wide variety of resources on American history
The American Civil War Homepage - This site is quite comprehensive, although perhaps not as well organized as the following one.
The American Civil War, 1861-1865 World Wide Web Information Archive - This is another good list of links for archival and other materials relating to the American Civil War
The American Civil War: Resources on the Net - This is an impressively thorough list of links to sites relating to all aspects of the war. The list is divided by category - for instance "Photographs and Images" or "Reenactments" - and is very easy to use. This site and its links represent a fair amount of the best of the Civil War information available on the Internet
American Hypertexts - A large collection of textual resources on American history, among which The Federalist Papers and Tocqueville, Democracy in America.
American Memory Homepage - American Memory consists of primary source and archival materials relating to American culture and history. These historical collections are the key contribution of the Library of Congress to the National Digital Library. Most of these offerings are from the Library's unparalleled special collections. One of the most important among existing projects. For a full appreciation of the content of this site, see Complete List of American Memory Collections (Library of Congress: Historical Collections for the National Digital Library. It contains photographic sources, printed and manuscript sources, videos and acoustic documents regarding political and constitutional history, and more generally social history, cultural history, architecture, visual arts, literature, natural environment, afro-american history. A powerful search engine helps navigation inside the single collection or through the whole site. A ĞLearning Pageğ is another helpful tool, thanks to its very good name and topics index. Under Civil War Photographs, for example, one can find a index of photographica materials, with a chronology of main events, search tools for keywords and subjets, bibliographies, the phootographs themselves, with the possibility to order reproductions online. Another internal resource are the Documents from the Continental Congress and the Constitutional Convention, 1774-1789, enriched by a chronology based on the Encyclopedia of American History by Richard B. Morris. It is possible to find also the Continental Congress Broadside Collection and the Constitutional Convention Broadside Collection, drawn from the Broadside Collection of the Library of Congress. The selected documents are in full text and downloading is very normally fast. Texts are preceded by an introduction entitled To form a more perfect Union: an Introduction to the Congressional Documents. There is finally a (rather) general bibliography on America in the age of the Revolution. The Project is currently under development and is in constant improvement, enlargement and enrichment.
The American Revolution and the struggle for Independence (Groeningen)- Although mainly significant as a teaching resource, this site provides an original example of how to use web resources for didactic purpose.
American Studies Network (a group of European centres of American studies, which give information and resources in an interdisciplinary perspective)
American Studies Web
American Studies Yellow Pages
American Social History Project (Yale University)
Archiving Early America - It contains a digital collection of documents, the Keigwin and Mathews Collection, which assembles newspapers, geographical maps and many historical documents on colonial America and the origins of the Unites States; it also gives access to the electronic journal The Early America Review.
Democracy in America - American Studies, The University of Virginia Hypertexts. A very good and intesting site on Tocqueville masterpiece and related materials, like European travellers to the United States in the early XIXth century
The Great Chicago Fire and the Web of Memory - A web site completely devoted to the great Chicago Fire, 1871-74. Conceived in the form of a multimedia museum exhibit, it offers a wide variety of historically relevant documents and sources, posing as a living example, in the claims of its main curator, of how to do serious history on the Web (Carl Smith, Can you do serious history on the Web ?, in Perspectives. Newsletter of the AHA, Feb. 1998).
The Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington DC
Institute of Early American History and Culture, Omohundro (with a section on the American Revolution)
Making of America Project - University of Michigan
Mayflower Home Page: Mayflower Compact
United States Historical Documents (University of Oklahoma, Law Center)

The Valley of the Shadow Project: Two Communities in the American Civil War (University of Virginia Research Project)

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