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Digital Map Collection (University of California at Berkeley)
Historic maps of the Netherlands
Maps History-History of Cartography: Gateway to Internet Resources - Early maps, old maps or historical maps (i.e. the history of cartography), and the activities associated with it, form the subject of this regularly updated web-page. The page is aimed at anyone, whether specialist or surfer, who is potentially interested in non-current maps and wants to find out more about them. If you take any action as a result of this page please mention this server, History. The aim is to make this THE gateway to the subject. It comprises both a GENERAL GUIDE to the various aspects of map history and LINKS TO RELEVANT WEB SITES. There are no images, but you can track them down via Internet Resources. This is one of the few nationally-funded, subject-based gateways on the Internet. The page is compiled by Tony Campbell, Map Librarian, The British Library, London
The Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection - The University of Texas at Austin. An outstanding site for cartography and historical maps, with a very rich guide to historical cartography resources:


General: Historical Maps

Atlas historique de l'Antiquité tardive (Denis Bellemare) Ancient World 380-540 A.D.
Cartographic Images (Jim Seibold) Ancient through Renaissance. Most highly recommended
Digital Map Collection (University of California at Berkeley)
Historical and Political Maps of the Modern Age (Joaquín de Salas Vara de Rey)
History of Cartography Project
HyperHistory Online New online world history atlas
Internet Historical Maps (Atlas of Cyberspaces)
Islamic History Maps
OSSHE Historical and Cultural Atlas Resource (Requires Shockwave Plug-In)
Out of This World: The Golden Age of the Celestial Atlas (Linda Hall Library)
Oxford University, Bodleian Library - Historic Maps
Roman Empire 120 A.D. (NLTL)
Trade Routes and Great Empires of the 1st Century A.D. (NLTL)
University of Minnesota James Ford Bell Library - Historical Map Collection
World War II Maps (University of San Diego
World War II Maps by Date (University of San Diego)
World War II Theaters (Indiana State University)

Africa: Historical Maps

Africa - S. Augustus Mitchell, Jr. 1866 (Philadelphia Print Shop)
Theban Mapping Project
West Africa 1766 (Raremaps.Com)

Americas: Historical Maps

Alabama 1895 (Color Landform Atlas/Ray Sterner)
Arkansas 1895 (Color Landform Atlas/Ray Sterner)
Atlantic Neptune Online
Bahamas - San Salvador Island/Route of Christopher Columbus (Excite)
Boston 1775 (Read Copyright Notice, Bodleian Library)
Boundaries of the United States - Animated GIF (Ed Stephan)
British Columbia Archives and Records Service (Canada) Detailed historical maps
California - Historical Road Maps of Southern California (Mike Ballard)
Charlestown, South Carolina Siege 1776 (earlyamerica.com)
Chicago Great Fire 1871
Chicago 1886 - Robinson's Atlas, Volume 1 (University of Illinois at Chicago) Fire insurance maps
Civil War Maps (U.S.)
Cleveland Historical Maps (William C. Barrow)
Columbus Letter Exhibit (Univ. of Southern Maine)
Connecticut Historical Maps (University of Connecticut Libraries)
Connecticut 1895 (Color Landform Atlas/Ray Sterner)
Delaware 1775-1830 (Delaware Genealogical Society)
Early America Maps
Exploring the West from Monticello: A Perspective in Maps from Columbus to Lewis and Clark (Univ. of Virginia Library)
Florida 1895 (Color Landform Atlas/Ray Sterner)
Fredericksburg, Virginia 1927 - Clickable Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps (CRRL)
Georgia-Florida Coast Historic Places (National Register of Historic Places)
Georgia 1895 (Color Landform Atlas/Ray Sterner)
Gettysburg Battlefield 1863 (Univ. of California at Berkeley)
Guatemala City circa 1950 - Main Business District (University of California at Berkeley)
Iowa 1895 (Color Landform Atlas/Ray Sterner)
Illinois 1895 (Color Landform Atlas/Ray Sterner)
Illinois and the Northwest Territory Historical Maps (University of Illinois)
Indiana 1895 (Color Landform Atlas/Ray Sterner)
Kansas 1910 and Other Kansas Historical Maps
Kansas City, Missouri - Historic Jazz Clubs Map
Kenutcky 1895 (Color Landform Atlas/Ray Sterner)
Long Island [New York] Maps and Their Makers (SUNY Stony Brook)
Louisiana 1895 (Color Landform Atlas/Ray Sterner)
Los Angeles, California 1871 (American Memory Project)
Maps of the Pimería: Early Cartography of the Southwest (Univ. of Arizona)
Maine 1895 (Color Landform Atlas/Ray Sterner)
Maryland 1895 (Color Landform Atlas/Ray Sterner)
Massachusetts 1895 (Color Landform Atlas/Ray Sterner)
Medellin, Colombia 1770 and 1955 (University of California at Berkeley)
Miami, Florida Historic Places (National Register of Historic Places)
Michigan 1895 (Color Landform Atlas/Ray Sterner)
Minnesota 1895 (Color Landform Atlas/Ray Sterner)
Mississippi 1895 (Color Landform Atlas/Ray Sterner)
Missouri 1895 (Color Landform Atlas/Ray Sterner)
Mitchell Map of North America - 1775 (University of Southern Maine)
Native Lands Maps - North America (Paula Giese)
Nebraska - Lincoln County Historical Maps (Gary Martens)
New Hampshire 1895 (Color Landform Atlas/Ray Sterner)
New Jersey 1895 (Color Landform Atlas/Ray Sterner)
New York 1895 (Color Landform Atlas/Ray Sterner)
New York State Historical Maps (SUNY, Stony Brook)
North America: By Nicolas Sanson d'Abbeville 1650 - Clickable Map (University of Illinois)
North Carolina 1895 (Color Landform Atlas/Ray Sterner)
Ohio 1895 (Color Landform Atlas/Ray Sterner)
Oklahoma 1828-1907 (Joaquín de Salas Vara de Rey)
Oregon Trail Map (PBS)
OSSHE Historical and Cultural Atlas Resource - North America (Requires Shockwave Plug-In)
Oxford, Mississippi Literary Map (Sachiko Shioya)
Panoramic Maps 1847-1909 (Library of Congress, American Memory Project)
Pennsylvania 1895 (Color Landform Atlas/Ray Sterner)
Revolutionary War Maps (earlyamerica.com)
Rhode Island 1895 (Color Landform Atlas/Ray Sterner)
Rochester, Minnesota (Welcome to Rochester: History)
Saint Augustine, Florida - Historic Places (National Register of Historic Places
San Francisco Bay 1860 (University of California at Berkeley)
San Francisco - Earthquake and Fire 1906 (Univ. of California at Berkeley)
San Francisco - Golden Gate International Exposition 1939 (Univ. of California at Berkeley)
Seattle, Washington 1894 (Lonepine Cartography)
South Carolina 1895 (Color Landform Atlas/Ray Sterner)
Tennessee 1895 (Color Landform Atlas/Ray Sterner)
Texas Historic Sites Atlas (Texas Historical Commission)
Texas Historical Maps (Zipped files) (TSLAC)
Tucson, Arizona, U.S.A. - Tent City 1915
United States Atlas 1895 (Pam Rietsch) Individual county maps as well as state maps
United States ca. 1800 (Read Copyright Notice, Bodleian Library)
United States of America by H.S. Tanner, 1834 (Clickable) (University of Connecticut Libraries) An outstanding map
United States Territorial Maps 1775-1920 (University of Virginia)
University of Georgia Hargrett Library - Historical Maps
Virginia 1895 (Color Landform Atlas/Ray Sterner)
Venice, California Historical Maps (University of California at Los Angeles)
Vermont 1895 (Color Landform Atlas/Ray Sterner)
Virginia - Part of the Map "Virginia Discovered..." by John Smith 1612 (Read Copyright Notice, Bodleian Library)
Virginia - Blacksburg and Montgomery County (Virginia Tech) An excellent local historical map collection
Washington, D.C. Historical Maps (Chad Allen)
Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. - 1893
Wisconsin 1895 (Color Landform Atlas/Ray Sterner)
West Virginia 1895 (Color Landform Atlas/Ray Sterner)


Asia: Historical Maps

Angkor Wat, Cambodia 1926 (Univ. of California at Berkeley)
China - Novus Atlas Sinensis, 17th Century (California State University, Hayward)
Danish India - Trankebar, 1733 (Royal Library, Denmark)
Harappa Maps - Ancient Indus Valley (Harappa Web Site/Omar Khan)
Hanoi 1963-1965 (University of California at Berkeley)
Korean War Maps (Korean War Project)
Silk Road Map (Gateway to Silk Road)
Tibet 1897 (University of California at Berkeley)


Australia and the Pacific: Historical Maps

Papeete, Tahiti, French Polynesia - 1920 Nautical Chart (Univ. of Calfornia at Berkeley)


Europe: Historical Maps

Anglo-Saxon England (Matthew White)
Atlas of the Greek and Roman World (Classical Atlas Project)
Birmingham, England, U.K. - 19th Century
Blaeu's 1652 Dutch Atlas
Brabant Historical Maps
Cartographic Images Database (Jim Seibold) Ancient through Renaissance
Channel Islands - Old Maps
Dutch Cartographers - Historic Maps
Eastern Europe Maps 1882 (Federation of East European Family History Societies)
Finland - Maps of Finnish Cities, 1902 (Paul Kruhse)
Finland - Russian Military Maps of the Helsinki area, 1902 and 1911 (Paul Kruhse)
Great Britain - Medieval Maps
Greece, Ancient - Perseus Atlas
Iceland - Antique Maps of Iceland
Italy, Ancient - Language Map (C. Salvucci)
London - Greenwood's Map of London, 1827 (Clickable) (Mark Annand)
OSSHE Historical and Cultural Atlas Resource - Europe (Requires Shockwave Plug-In)
Paris, France - Historical Maps
Roman Empire 120 A.D. (NLTL)
Rome, Ancient - The Forum and Campus Martius (J. Miller)
Route of the Anonymous Pilgrim of Bordeaux, 333 A.D. (Eugenio Alliata)
Thrace Maps (The Threshkourion)
Transylvania - 1882 (FEEFHS)
Versailles Treaty 1919 (Steve Schoenherr)


Middle East: Historical Maps

Ancient Near East Maps Series (Oriental Institute)
Beirut Historical Maps (Michael Davie)
Biblical Lands - Madaba Mosaic Map
Giza Plateau Mapping Project (Oriental Institute)
Islamic History Maps
Jerusalem - Cook's Plan 1924 (University of California at Berkeley)
Jerusalem Historic Maps (Jerusalem Mosaic)
Jerusalem in Old Maps and Views (Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
Medieval Islamic Map of the World (Paul J. Gans)
Mesopotamia, Ancient (Oriental Institute, Univ. of Chicago)
Nippur Site Map (Oriental Institute, Univ. of Chicago)
Palestine Historical Maps (Palestinian National Authority)
Route of the Anonymous Pilgrim of Bordeaux, 333 A.D. (Eugenio Alliata)
Theban Mapping Project
Timur Empire 1405


Russia and the Former Soviet Republics: Historical Maps

Baltic Area 1882
Demography of Russia and its Empire - Maps
Moscow Central 1975 (Univ. of California at Berkeley)
Odessa, Ukraine from Baedeker's Russland 1892 (Generations Press)
Russian Central Asia 1895 [Note: Date on map is incorrect]
Russian Empire - Europe Maps 1882 (FEEFHS)
Russian Empire - Siberia and Russian Asia Maps 1902 (FEEFHS)
Timur Empire 1405


Astronomy: Historical Maps

Celestial Atlas 1826 (Museum of Communication, Berne)
Celestial Map Showing the Path of A Comet, 1666 (Royal Library, Denmark)
Out of This World: The Golden Age of the Celestial Atlas (Linda Hall Library)

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