Storia della Storiografia

History of Historiography - Histoire de l'Historiographie - Geschichte der Geschichtsschreibung

Number 38 (2000)



Catherine Volpilhac-Auger Comment lire l'Essai sur les moeurs?
Michael Bentley Butterfield at the Millennium: the "Sir Herbert Butterfield Lecture", 1999
Marnix Beyen Natural-born nations? National historiography in Belgium and the Netherlands between a 'tribal' and a social-cultural paradigm, 1900-1950
Irene Gaddo "The Great Famine". Una catastrofe nella storiografia recente
Guido Rings Die Eroberung des Anderen
Bianca Valota Dopo la caduta dei regimi comunisti: problemi di periodizzazione nelle storiografie dell'Europa centro-orientale
Edoardo Tortarolo World histories in the 20th century and beyond
Levent Yilmaz

How history should be written; or, should it be written at all ?

Book Reviews by Georg G. Iggers

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