Storia della Storiografia

History of Historiography - Histoire de l'Historiographie - Geschichte der Geschichtsschreibung

Number 37 (2000)



 «Periodization in History and Historiography : An Intercultural comparison»


Irmline Veit-Brause Marking time: topoi and analogies in historical periodizations
Jerzy Topolski Periodization and the creation of the narrative wholes
Tayeb Chenntouf Mondialisation et histoire
Harald Kleinschmidt Coping with the legacy of universalism. Bede and the trouble with the Roman Empire
Frank R. Trombley Byzantine and Islamic era systems in the seventh century
John Christian Laursen and Cary J. Nederman Problems of periodization in the history of toleration
Jürgen Große Letzte Stunden. Zur Analogie Von Welt- Und Lebensgeschichte Bei Wilhelm Dilthey Und Jacob Burckhardt
Nick Baron

Escaping the shadows of the past. A comparative approach to problems of cultural disorientation, collective identity and the role of history during the Russian transformation

Book Reviews by Guido Abbattista, Irmline Veit-Brause

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