Storia della Storiografia

History of Historiography - Histoire de l'Historiographie - Geschichte der Geschichtsschreibung

Number 24 (1993)

Table of contents:

«Hayden White's Metahistory twenty years after»

I. Metahistory's theoretical impact in the national contexts


  • Ewa Domanska
    An interview with Hayden White
  • H. W. Von der Dunk
    Narrativity and the reality of the past.Some reflections
  • Nancy S. Struever
    Irony and experimentation in Hayden White
  • J. L. Gorman
    Reality and irony in history
  • Patrick Bahners
    «Die göttliche Komödie». Ranke und White.
  • Hans Kellner
    Twenty Years After: A Note on Metahistories and their Horizons
  • Mark Phillips
    Historiography and genre: a more modest proposal.
  • Roger Chartier
    Quatre questions à Hayden White
  • Bernard Lepetit
    L'historicité d'un modèle historiographique
  • Ann Rigney
    Mixed metaphores and the writing of history


    by Maria Antonietta Giua, Paola Bertogli, Michael Schaich, Daniel R. Woolf

    Editors: George G. Iggers, Guido Abbattista, Edoardo Tortarolo (Direttore responsabile)
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