Storia della Storiografia

History of Historiography - Histoire de l'Historiographie - Geschichte der Geschichtsschreibung

Number 21 (1992)

Table of contents:


«Some aspects of European historiography in the first half of the XXth century»
  • Lothar MACHTAN
    Hans Rothfels and the historiography of social policy in Germany.
  • Lutz RAPHAEL
    The present as challenge for the historian. The contemporary world in the «Annales E. S. C.», 1929-1945.
  • Alexander KAN
    Soviet historiography of the West under Stalin's prewar dictatorship.
  • Miriam SILVERA
    Un contributo alla ricognizione delle fonti de «L'histoire des Juifs» di Jacques Basnage: la lettura de «Las excelencias de los Hebreos» di Ysaac Cardoso.

  • Jeremy BLACK
    Maps and chaps: the historical atlas. A perspective from 1992.
  • Karl DITT
    Stadtgeschichte in Deutschland nach 1945: Bestandsaufnahme und Perspektiven.
  • Ulrich Johannes SCHNEIDER
    A bibliography of nineteenth-century histories of philosophy in German, English, and French


    by Daniel R. Woolf, Eckhart Fuchs, Christian Prochasson, Hans Schleier, Wolfgang Weber.

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