1. Storia della Storiografia was born in 1982 out of an initiative of the Committee for the History of Historiography, constituted at the Vth World Congress of Historical Sciences. The Committee deliberated in that circumstance the foundation of asix-monthly journal that worked as point of reference for world scholars interested in the history of historiography. The «International Association for the History of Historiography» was constituted soon after and it became the legal proprietor of the journal. The management and scientific editorship was initially trusted to a group located in Milan (Italy) and led by Bianca Cavallotti Valota, an Italian scholar (University of Milan) working on East-European history. Under this guidance Storia della Storiografia went on until the end of 1990, when it was decided to give relief to M. Valota, after so many years of work. The journal was then transferred under the care of Giuseppe Ricuperati (University of Turin) and physically located at the Department of History, University of Turin. In the period when M. Valota was the Chief Editor, Storia della Storiografia published 19 issues.
  2. From the beginning of 1991 the editorship of the journal was taken over by George Iggers, Edoardo Tortarolo, with the participation of Giuseppe Ricuperati (Treasurer) and Guido Abbattista (Managing Editor). Under the editorship of this group of persons,Storia della Storiografia has published fascicules from n. 20 to n. 27 (presently under press), among which one might take notice particulalry of the two issues devoted to a discussion on the international impact of Hayden White's Metahistory

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