The Prize was founded in 1974 to remember the centenary of Guglielmo Marconi's birth (April 25, 1874). The aim is to stress Marconi's contribution to scientific research and to technical development and his committment in addressing his inventions to all mankind rather than exploiting them commercially. The Prize is therefore intended to give aknowledgment to persons inspired by the same ideals, favouring their studies.

The Prize is also intended to promote and finance works bound to enhance the knowledge of how communication science and techniques can be put to the service of human good. It is therefore granted in aknowledgment of outstanding works is this field, but it is clearly stated that its aim is to promote a scientific research work, that the grantee can carry on personally or can assign to persons appointed by him. The Prize is granted every year until the end of the 20th century. The grantees will receive the sum of $ 100,000 and a copy of the symbol of the Prize, work of sculptor Otello Guarducci. The New York Polytechnic runs the Prize, in order to promote high level research works. A Council headed by Gioia Marconi Braga, Marconi's daughter, manages the Prize and cares to meet all high Marconi's ideals. Each year the Council appoints a Consulting Committee, which has the task to select the applications. The Marconi International Fellowship Fund has been created with contributions of Authorities and Organizations of all the world, particularly Firms working in the field of communications (the Federation shares the expenses, having been Marconi a Work Cavalier, an italian award). Such Authorities organize also the ceremony during which the Prize is granted. The Marconi Fellowship is sided by the "Young Scientist" Prize: as known Guglielmo Marconi developed very early the intuitions of the discoveries which would have upset the world of telecommunications, leading those first experiments that amazed mankind. For that very reason Prize is granted to a young scientist which can submit evidence to possess the premises to reach important scientific results. The choice of the grantee is entrusted each year to an important scientific organization. The young scientist receives a check of $ 10,000 and a locket engraved by sculptor Andrea Spadini.

1994: the XX Marconi Award Presented to Robert E.Kahn

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